Sunday, January 16, 2011

Back Home

I had to go to Vegas for a 2 day conference.

Yeah it was pretty cool, but to tell you the truth - without my family there, it wasn't the same (now that I've got impending orders for a year unaccompanied over my head, time away from La and the kids is even worse).

I did stop by the Bellagio to get our wedding rings cleaned - La and I eloped in Vegas nearly 10 years ago and we got our rings from Tiffany. It was neat that I could go and get them cleaned at the same place we bought them.

I could keep going on about how that they are cleaned and look just like new that we're good to go for another 10 years.... blah blah blah - but I won't - you get the picture.

So - what's the amphibious link here?

The fountain at the Bellagio!

The Discovery Channel did a special on the behind the scenes for the fountain works once and ever since then, every time I see the fountains, it is even neater.

And now that I'm back here in Gulfport, I did manage to get a late afternoon paddle in - 6.7 mph top speed on a runner; 3.9 mph average.

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