Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The lower limit of Inflatable Kite Flying

I found it!

I have been SWAMPED at work hence the lack of posting, but despite that - the wind seemed to be pretty good on Saturday afternoon (the day I couldn't go out) and again on Sunday afternoon.

We hit the beach and the anemometer read 11 mph coming out of the SSW (perfect for the 16 Xbow!!!!)

Problem was the tide was super low (I didn't bring the CF thinking there wasn't going to be enough wind - a point I will be correct on - keep reading).

I launch the kite and start wading out to deeper water. I tried getting out 5X only to hit ground 5X.

All the while, the wind starts dying back - until eventually the kite falls out of the sky - of course while I'm standing 100 yards off shore.

Walk of shame (but neat how i"m so far off the beach and still in calf high water).

At least the kids had a great time (Big M and Noe were playing with the Godzilla toys - they were emerging from underground!!!)

I did take the time to set the pigtails to the 'B' setting - direct steering with less depower. Maybe that will correct the hovering effect (or maybe I'm getting old and rusty... - maybe I need to move back to Hawaii......)

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