Sunday, August 7, 2011

Passing the Time on Sunday

It was raining on and off all day.

The previous plans I made were all cancelled (regatta and diving).

One of the other guys that likes fishing out here gave me a call and said he was going fishing because he was bored (already took a nap and with the rain, his bike ride was cancelled). You don't have to twist my arm to go fishing....

We went to "Thunder Cove" -

I caught this small flounder right at the beginning. Cool camouflage pattern. I also caught a glimpse of a sand crab out here - something to keep in mind when the wind dies back (flyfishing).

I saw a bunch of mullet eating algae off the inshore rocks (the picture of water is really a picture of one of the two schools I saw). They were hanging out without a care in the world - that means the predatory fish weren't there.

Then I went up to where Mike (the other guy) was fishing...

He had just caught a small Trevally while wading out to the end of a shallow point.

While he was hiking back to get more bait, I cast out - nice sandy flats with some rocky outcroppings.

While wading out, I saw a 24" Blacktip Shark. I saw another similar sized one later. The water was only 18" deep - pretty cool to see. Next time I go fishing out there, I'll probably chum the water to see how they react (and film it with the camera in the underwater housing).

The rain started coming back - just as I landed a Bonefish! Nice fighter - he pulled the line around some rocks, but I waited him out. Nice fish!

Before long, the afternoon was over and what was going to be an afternoon cleaning the room and watching videos on the computer turned into a pretty cool outing!

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