Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Kiting Session

The wind was pretty steady and stiff today.

CF137x41 and the Cabrinha 11m Xbow - equipment perfection!

I got some crazy jumps in, but I actually went way inside of where I normally track - the windsurfers went South today to do a long downwinder - I went where they normally go so I can ride the swell.

No peeling breakers, but I'll take what I can get - even discontiguous wind swell.

I think it is awesome crosstraining when you have to surf fakie (more like switch snowboarding) - my outbound tack did this today (right foot forward for me). I could feel muscles being used in ways they normally aren't.

Fun session!

Now if I can translate these 'S' turns and body positioning to my windsurfing...


Lala said...

Ummm....that's not an illusion I'm seeing there....LOL...

Lala said...

Okay, so after looking at the original pic up close, it really is just the fold of your shorts, and not what I THINK it looks like....LMAO!