Saturday, March 17, 2012


The afternoon was spent offshore trolling.

Here's the score that the fish got on me -

On the way out I rigged three swimming lures and two squid skirts (outer positions). I then rigged another squid skirt on my heavier spinning rod. Well, that rod got a hit and I couldn't stop the run with the drag. After a minute of listening to the drag peel off braid, the fish doubled back and cut the line above the leader. I just got the lure too -

Much later in the trip, the captain saw a flock feeding - we motored over and got two simultaneous hits. Both were from the squid skirts and both were long fights. A 40+ pounder and a 25 pounder were boated and that was that. I got the smaller one with my rod/reel (which is rigged lighter that the rest of the gear on the boat).

I am happy with the way I setup the lines and build the lures - I am convinced I have a degree of OCD, but that is more to keep my mind busy and keep the learning continuous. Saturday was a good day!

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