Monday, May 28, 2012


This was the most exciting fish I've caught in a very long time! I saw the pack running back and forth, cast a gummy minnow and just like before - I got a hook up. This guy pulled me into backing three times before the next series of events. There was a Blacktip Shark patrolling the flats - maybe four foot in length. When the shark saw me, it bolted out towards the reef - right into the path of the BFT I had on the end of the line. The fish turned and the shark changed to "eat" programming. The BFT changed tactics and swam straight for me - and was able to get away. Heart pumping, adrenaline based flyfishing action - two fish in the circle of life running through waves where you can see them - it doesn't get better than this!!! And yes, the BFT was caught and released safely - just in case you were wondering...

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