Friday, June 29, 2012

SUP'n Around on Friday

La has got a Summer Activity program for the kids. There are several events place on a card BINGO style and the kids have to do the activity in order to block it out. When the card is blocked out, they get some tickets (our form of allowance for them). One of the last events left on this period's card was to "SUP to the middle of the Lake (that we live near)". The events are listed to get the family out and about this Summer instead of growing roots in the couch and turning into starchy potatoes. Marlon figured out quickly that the events in the critical BINGO positions (intersections) were academically related (book reports, mathematic challenges, etc) and struggled to get through those (being Summer the urge to play is being pegged). All said and done, here is the family getting credit for one of the events. I still can't get over how smoothly La's board goes through the water (must have been designed and built by some master craftsman dude). Noe and Marlon were fishing at 'our' spot before they took off and Noe decided she wanted to keep on fishing. Marlon volunteered to be the motor. Nice morning!

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