Saturday, September 15, 2012

Drag Chain Instructions for the Big Tuna

It's on the Youtube video (Jackson Kayak's Big Tuna Walkthrough) but I couldn't find specific instructions on how to rig an anchor system. It was not hard to do - get yourself the Flexi size small CORD (not tape) dog leash, 2 feet of 3/8" chain, some duct tape and some 550 cord. Tape up the chain links - first using half-width strips of duct tape to tape up the middles of each link then overwrapping the chain twice. This will prevent the chain from piling up on itself and getting stuck in the rocks. Next, fish out the end of the cord from the connection point of the leash (where the ballistic loop meets the end of the cord looped in the plastic housing). Untie the knot in the cord - you could also cut the cord at the point it goes into the plastic connector, but I gave all the parts I didn't use intact to La for other projects and I wanted to keep as much of the 16' of cord that the leash has. Next take 60" of 550 cord (parachute cord) and tie it to the leash cord together - I used a hitch on the 550 and a bowline on the thinner leash cord - whatever you use, make sure it is low profile because it has to go smoothly through the anchor system fairleads. String the 550 through the fairleads, stuff the leash handle in the midship handle well with the buttons facing upward and the cord exiting towards the stern, then tie a bowline with the bitter end of the 550 cord around one end of the drag chain. There should be a little pigtail left in the 550 (the minimum distance from the end of the fairleads where the chain butts up to the leash well is 56" - you should have used 60" of 550 remember?). That's it! The major difference between what is in the Jackson video and what I did was the use of the 550 - I like to think of it as chaffing gear for the leash cord - they tied the leash directly to the anchor/drag chain and although my way may be overkill, I've seen a bunch of things at sea that make me think the way I do. Hopefully I kick this cold tomorrow so I can try this thing out!!!

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