Sunday, January 6, 2013

Number Two Done

I got in the mood to continue carving out the kickboard.
The rails turned out sweet!!! 50-50 fading into a hard downturn edge.
I put a pretty significant (relative to the proportion of the board) concave in and it balanced out well with the rest of the volume distribution.
This thing turned out better than I had conceived. Now I have to go back to the handplane and fix it (a lot rougher compared to how I finished this kickboard - a sharp mini block plane, another couple of hours of elbow grease and it'll clean up nicely). Next will be strap placement and polyurethane coats. I've got time - the water temps are about as cold as they'll be this season... it would be nicer to test these when I'm not having to wear a 4/3 suit with all the additives (booties, hood, gloves) - but well see if I wait for Spring or not. Productive shaping day!

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