Monday, January 20, 2014

First Fish of 2014!!!

Beautiful weather today - 54 degrees, 10-15 mph wind from the SW and nothing but sunshine in the sky. I headed back to Four Mile Run to see if the water conditions were better for catching and not just fishing. I brought the Barclay Glass 7'2" 3 wt rod (I love this rod more and more with each passing day - who'd thought the first fiberglass rod I bought would be one of the best lightweight rods I've ever used), an Abel Creek 1 spooled with a RIO Perception WF3F and the small flies I tied up earlier today. Well - it all came together and I got to play tug-o-war with several fish starting with this guy. A handsome Large Mouth Bass. Here it is - the first fish I've caught in 2014!!! I hope to catch plenty more!!!

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