Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saturday Fishing at Lake Newport

Catch up posts. Marlon and I swung the flyrods on Saturday afternoon. I was using the Ijuin Yomogi 3wt with a DT3 SA Supra, and he was armed with an Eagle Claw 6'6" 4/5wt lined with a 5wt SA GPX. He caught a Bluegill and a decent sized Large Mouth on his own accord - no help from me whatsoever!!! I was probably more excited than he was!!! As you can see, I caught some bushes and Noe made sure to photo document that. I really like the Yomogi. As soft as it is, it is 100% character. Plus it makes a small fish seem like a leviathan (as I have said many times before). I can get the line out, but there was enough wind on Saturday that it took a lot of finesse. Marlon and I ended up catching the same bluegill three times over. We knew it was the same one because it was pretty beat up - the bluegill apparently start kicking the crap out of each other this time of year to see which of them gets to make a nest in the 'cool dude' area. It is springtime and love is in the air (and in the lake).

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