Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday is Fishing After School Day

I took the kids out to cast some flies this afternoon. I rigged up the 7'6" 3/4wt Steffen (Leiderman made) and the 8'0" 3/4wt Steffen (The Fiberglass Manifesto Loaner from Tight Loops). I lined both with the 4wt SA Trout line and a slightly weighted fly. The 8'0" is a sweet rod. Once you get a few feet of line moving, this rod can really get more line out and flies on target. The 7'6" is less sweet (seems stiffer - and rightfully so as it is shorter by 6"), but if you put on a light weight fly, this rod does a wonderful job casting lighter flies. The crappie were out and the bigger bluegill are moving into the shallows again (finally). The male bluegill have colored up nicely - brilliant burnt orange being the primary telltale sign of impending spawning. I'm just glad the fish are finally moving up from the deeper holes.

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