Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fishing Report 7/25/2014

From my experience on Thursday, I figured I would try my luck with the fly instead. I rigged up the Orvis Helios 8wt (mostly because I know it is salt-proof and not because I had high expectations) and set about to probing the waters. I had better luck than the day before - but still nothing to hand. I saw blue crabs all over the place, and even got a few to take on a small gummy minnow fly (I just couldn't lift them out of the water otherwise I would have counted that as a legitimate "catch"). I also saw a fish chase, but it didn't seem much bigger than the fly - probably a "get out of my living room" chase as opposed to a "I think I want to eat you" chase. I moved over a lot and by the end of the session I was out at a point. I got several tugs, but could not connect the hook. And there were several tail swirls in the water throughout the time I was out. But in the end - a skunk is still a skunk and I am stinking right now...

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