Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Blood and Guts" Fly - Fishing Report 10/1/2014

*** UPDATE *** The kids and I are changing the name of this one to "Bloody Guts". It rolls off the tongue easier... Here's the fly I tied up for the needlefish around here - I'm calling it the "Blood and Guts" fly. Take a hook (any hook - you aren't using it for conventional warfare, only as a platform to anchor the yarn - and lay down a thread base from the eye back to about halfway down the shank. Next, pick some yarn - the kind with tighter weaves will work better - and make sure it is the color of roadkill - bright reds, some flesh tones and a dark streak of color every now and then. You'll want to take about 10 strands that are 3-5" long and trap them onto the shank facing forward (towards the hook eye). Wind the thread up to the eye and back down to the halfway mark (where you started) - this will help keep the yarn in place (this is not a wind "friendly" fly and the take is not a 'peaceful' interaction - anchor the yarn down well). Now take the yarn and wrap it around the hook (the base of the yarn is now at the eye of the hook if you understood my instructions - if you didn't, get the yarn to the eye and then start wrapping) - keep wrapping until you get just past the halfway point to the shank (your thread should be here too). Make some extra wraps with the thread and whip finish. Use your favorite head forming substance (I like UV epoxy) and cover the head and the thread wraps. This last step will help make sure you can get the fly out of the needlefish teeth easier. That's it!!! I had to do a little searching to find the group of needlefish that stack up at the jetty/beach corner here on Mayport. But once I found them, I made my casts into the center of the group and it looked like a wrestling match - all the fish were trying to chomp down the fly! I got one to take and the yarn fibers got tangled up in its jaws. I didn't bring my gopro to take a picture and I didn't think La had her phone (but she did) so no pictures of the fish (18" - not a record breaker, or even a drag lurcher - but fun nonetheless). Looking at this, I would also think this tie would make a good palolo worm imitation... So there you have it - one of my first species specific saltwater flies! Oh - and one more thing, I brought the Orvis Helios 8wt out - there is a a definite night and day difference to flyrods. The Helios is one hell of a great rod - it makes me look like I know what the heck I'm doing. After specifically casting a number of rods lately, I am convinced that I am going to thin the herd and just keep the really exceptional rods. They make flyfishing that much more enjoyable. I know this may sound elitist, but it's true... if you're looking for some 'good' flyrods, you might want to email me. I also used the Surf Spinning stuff - but no joy. I'll take a sight casted needlefish anyday to ward off the skunk!

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