Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Field Trip - St Augustine

We are learning about history and what "perspective" does to the story. With the job search starting to converge, we figured we should take advantage of some of the really good resources in the area - we decided on checking out the fortress at St Augustine. There was an exhibit that told of one of the early docents that worked the fort previously as a military man - his quote was that "there are very few artifacts that cover so much history, this is one of them that takes us back to the colonial days". Lots of bronze spanish cannons on display. Henry Flagler's influence is heavy in this town. The lions of "The Bridge of Lions" - I overheard one of the tour buses say the marble used was from the same quarry as the stone used to make the statue of "David". Good field trip!

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YOXOMO said...

Thanks for sharing, great place!