Monday, October 6, 2014

Surf and Fishing Report 10/4/2014

We took a drive down to Matanzas Inlet to got shelling, surfing and fishing. The coquina is really fine and can get pretty think at this beach (North side of the inlet). La and the kiddoroosters went out the second sand bar to catch the breaking waves. After a little bit, I saw them paddling back in pretty quickly. They said they saw a shark in the lineup and calmly came back in. The tide was coming in at the same time, so the kids found another, even more fun diversion - what they've named the "Lazy River". It's really the trough of the last sandbar before the high tide line. As the tide comes back in, the waves start to fill it back in and as it drains, you get a steady flow back to the low point. The kids ride their boards on the current and I would say have even more fun than they do when surfing. I had the surf gear and was pounding the trough between the second and third sandbars - but I got nothing. I brought out the cast net and made some casts to see what was running just offshore (inside the waves). I caught a bucket full for finger mullet (and let all but seven small ones back in the water - I kept the seven to use as bait later). I asked Noe if she wanted to cast and she caught one!!! Lastly - I saw some fish that were not mullet hanging right where the water and shore met. They were really small pompano. I hope this means their bigger siblings are on their way back down south. Another great beach day in Florida!!!

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