Friday, March 6, 2015

Oooooooo.... Spearguns

From scrolling through this blog, you can discern I like the following equipment: Sailboats - Surfboards - Paddles - Fishing Gear - Fly Rods - Stand Up Paddle Boards - Windsurfing Gear - Fly Tying Equipment - Kites - Fish and other aquatic denizens - (and motorcycles, trucks and skiffs too while you're at it) Now add spearguns to the list I'm going to set my Riffe Euro 90cm gun up soon. When my Hooked SUP gets out here, I'll rule the seas, but for now I'll used what I have (or can borrow) and try to get a few uku to gyotaku and fry up. I get this 60's "ocean exploration' feeling when I look at a speargun. The materials have changed (carbon fiber and high density polyethylene instead of all wood), but the basic premise is still the same. Some times, the designers get it right the first time.

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