Saturday, April 11, 2015

Yes - Those are Some Big Trevally in the Pond...

I went to the Blaisdell Center today to check out the Hawaii Ocean Expo. Actually I had wanted to go to the Bishop Museum - the YMCA was sponsoring a free day at the museum - but so did everybody else. I drove around a couple of time to see where I could park and walk to the museum but so did everyone else. So I beat feet to the Ocean Expo. This was the first time in a very long period that I had been to the Blaisdell. When I got there, I stopped by the pond and to my surprise, there were a bunch of trevally (bluefin and black) swimming in about 16" of water. They all were sporting tags, but I wasn't sure of the circumstances that got the fish in the pond. I wonder how many people walk past this pond and think "man - I could come back tonight with my flyrod and have a really good time!!!!" Come on - I can't be the only one!!!!

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