Monday, May 18, 2015

Second Sailing of the Hobie Tandem Island

I got the opportunity to sail the Hobie Tandem Island sailing kayak again on Saturday. I paid attention to the smaller things this trip - how well do the controls work, how much do the components and joints flex, and how comfortable were the seats and pedals. Being a kayak first and foremost, you quickly realize you are much lower to the water than any other sailing vessel out there (even a Laser - I think). The person in the front position will get wet (but the spray skirt kit from Kayak Bob on Maui should keep most of the water from hitting). And the trampoline positions are not designed for accommodating people long term unless they are smaller. But knowing that this isn't a larger sailing vessel and accepting those differences makes this very portable, highly damage resistant boat a hoot to take out anywhere. I stuck around to watch the crew disassemble the kayak and load it up on the trailer - didn't take long at all. But it did look like a two person operation. I am considering this as one of the options for our next water craft - but as the time draws nearer to pulling the trigger (I gotta move the family out here as priority one, after that comes saving for a down payment or earnest money on the house, then another vehicle - maybe, AND THEN A NEW WATER CRAFT), I'll try bringing the kids out and see how they like it. Either way this is a fun boat and having propulsion options to make a trek out to catch ono, ahi and mahi makes eating the fish even nicer!!!!

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