Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bonefish #4 - Pretagged

I went fly fishing after work yesterday. I had the Epic 888, Allen Kraken XLA 4, and a ROI Bonefish (long belly) 8wt line setup. I ended up hooking up with Bonefish #4 (o'io). It took a clouser minnow tied to resemble the baby goatfish swimming around (o'ama). I had the bite guard on and it still took the fly. That was probably due to the early evening low sunlight. Whatever it was, I'll take it! I had my tagging kit, but this fish already had a tag on it too - 14068. I scraped all the algae off so hopefully it'll have an easier time swimming. Funny how when you are trying to catch one fish, you totally catch another. I was fishing for barracuda... I did go flyfishing again this morning. I saw several large bones, but didn't draw interest from them - I bet it was the bite guard...

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