Friday, September 25, 2015

Kaku Candy and Versatile Bite Tippet

On one of the fishing outings, I tied on the mylar tubing baitfish. And after three casts, I felt pressure come on, and then suddenly slack. That means only one thing - barracuda on, barracuda off after it cut through the leader. Good news - I stumbled on a fly that kaku hit without hesitating. Bad news, I didn't have any more tied up so time to do something else. Moving on - here are the reinforcements. I tied these with lead wrapped around the shank to help it drop through the water column. Stripping will bring it back to the surface so these should cover more water and find more fish. To address the cutoffs, I also got some tiny snaps and swivels and wire tippet. I have been tying on flies or kastmasters for barracuda using the wire tippet and 12# fluorocarbon joined by an Albright knot. The problem with those setups is you can't change out the fly or lure. I didn't use snaps before because the ones I had were too big and not conducive to fly casting. With these small bite guards and lightly weighted "kaku candy" flies, fishing this weekend should lead to some catching. I hope. More to follow...

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