Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fly Fishing for Arapaima

I don't know why, but I really enjoy watching River Monsters. I think it is odd to combine homicide investigation with fishing - but there isn't any other show on that has the suspense of hooking up a fish quite like this one. And he catches big fish - really big fish. I guess I can also relate to the effort he puts into stalking a particular species. Borderline OCD (and I would know). I caught two episodes last night after I got home from work - "Face Ripper" and "Body Snatcher" both had arapaima action. In general, I am a pretty quiet person. I don't yell at games or concerts. I usually don't talk to people unless there is something to talk about. And if there are loud noises, I tend to move away. BUT I found myself cheering for Jeremy Wade as the anticipation of a set hook came up and hooting and hollering as the fish broke the surface and tried to shake the hook. Epic battle on any tackle, but he was doing it with a fly rod (Orvis Helios 2 I believe). Epic - simply epic.

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