Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Saturday North Shore Pictures

I downloaded the pictures from my phone a hair behind the GoPro, so this is slightly out of chronological order (in case your OCD is as bad as mine). We made a run up through a new to us road (Kunia Rd) to get some errands done - with the goal of snorkeling Sharks Cove again. Unfortunately the swell was big enough to break over the rocks that normally protect this spot and the overflow was flushing through the pools with a strong current - no snorkeling this day. So we went back into Haleiwa town and hit the spots that are normally closed when we regularly come through after a day of playing in the water. We tried Matsumoto's - Then we browsed through the galleries and surfshops. And to finish off the day, we enjoyed Kua Aina sandwiches!!! I can never get tired of these things!!!

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