Thursday, April 14, 2016

Plastic Plankton

I pulled this picture from a web article that discussed plankton poop. The article said studies on plankton show their feces have increased percentages of micro-plastics and this previous source of carbon isolation (heavier, non-plastic containing poop would sink faster) is not moving in the direction it should be. Because the lighter poop is staying suspended longer, it has a higher incidence of ending up higher in the food chain and eventually on to our plates. We should all strive to use less plastic, and ensure that what plastic is used/generated is not released into the ocean, otherwise we are doomed to eat our mistakes. And truthfully it is less 'us' and more our unborn future - if you don't take these steps for yourself, do take them for your great-great grandkids. When you surf, make sure to go and find some piece of plastic - a bag, a bottle, something - and grab it so it can be disposed of properly. Do something - because doing nothing is damning to future generations. Oh - here is the link to the article.

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