Sunday, May 29, 2016

Slowly Getting Back into the Swing...

Through different means, I have slowly been getting back into fishing. There was the obvious, last weekend when I took Marlon out - but here are a couple more. I had a business lunch recently and instead of talking golf, the customer and I got to talk fishing and the bane of all lures - the kaku (barracuda). I said I'd dress up a couple of kastmasters with a bite tippet. Well - here they are... Then La came home from volunteering at Laniakea Beach to keep the general public and tourists back away from the green turtles sunning on the beach - and at some point looked down and found these flies - Heck yeah I'll fish those! And then today I actually got off my butt and picked up the flyrod again! I did have eyes on about five oio, but they were never lined up (but that's pretty much what flyfishing is all about ain't it...)

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