Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The New "Second Best" Ramen

I took the family to a ramen shop I've been wanting them to try on Friday evening - Goma Tei in the Ward Village complex. I got the Tan Tan Double The Shoyu was really good as well. In the spectrum of ramen shops we've been to, this is definitely up there. The shop we ate at in Hokkaido during the Snow Festival will always be ichiban, in fact that was the restaurant that changed our perspective of ramen - uplifting it from the memories of very inexpensive college food to gourmet fare. But - with that being an expensive and lengthy journey, I'll reset the number one spot to Daikokuya in Little Tokyo (LA). I can remember the soup base being so savory and the absolute perfection of the noodles. The char siu was melt in your mouth bliss... but alas - it is best not to lust for that which you cannot have (flying to LA for ramen might be in some folks budget, but not mine...). Another great ramen shop as chronicled in this very blog is Sakuramen in the NW District of Washington DC. But heck - that's even further than LA. That said, distance makes one appreciate the opportunity to seek out local options, and this being the Gathering Place, I would argue we have some of the best of everything. This ramen shop is just one of many, but it is setting the bar high early on in our exploration of modern day Ramen Shops of Hawaii. Stayed tuned...

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