Sunday, July 31, 2016

Marlon and I Hit the Dawn Patrol

Marlon and I hit it on Saturday morning - kinda small, but still fun! Really cool to live really close to the surf break you like to surf!!! Some pictures from the wave's POV Super fun way to work off the belly fat ;)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Oooops - Been Busy

I almost forgot about this blog... been busy at work and with other things lately. I've been surfing a few times since the last post, but I haven't bothered to bring out the GoPro. I've also tied a few flies, cooked a bunch of food - but because we've been doing other things (Marlon's Music Camp, Noe's Flute Ensemble, Marlon's Marine Fisheries Camp, work, and other things), I haven't had the time or done any amphibious stuff as of late. We did get to check out a few shops up in the Waialae Ave area - Nervous Waters Fly Shop moved locations. They've got AC now so people hang out and talk story now. We also checked out a vintage art shop - they had a bunch of cool things especially these hula girls (but these were tekai - expensive). According to the guys on the Big Bang Theory, "Aquaman Sucks" I'll try to be better at keeping up with posts - hopefully our schedule gets a little less crazy now that the camps are pau.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Slow Cooker Arroz Caldo

I've been wanting to try this for a while, but I kept getting distracted with smoking meat. I carved out some time on Monday and here it is - slow cooker arroz caldo. It turned out a little less yellow than I remember it (from when my parents made it), but it tasted really good - like warm blanket straight from the drier on a cold, crisp evening. Yum yum yum (even though it is the beginning of summer on the Ewa Plain - hot hot hot)!

Cool Images Found Over the Weekend

Avi Kiriaty posts on Facebook. Cool "life in the islands" inspired paintings that I wish I could afford. Tattoo Zissou Wouldn't want this to be you

The New Shirokiya Food Court

If you've been to Ala Moana Mall, you've probably been to Shirokiya's. If you've been to Shirokiya's then you've probably eaten in their food court area. Prepared Japanese and local foods as well as made to order meals like ramen abound. Well - they moved the food court to where the old Sears used to be. Seating for 800 and not 1, not 2, not 3, but 7 aisles (I think - I lost count) of vendors to chose your lunch from. Pretty crazy and overwhelming. Add in the crowd and you get overloaded quick. But it did remind me of trying to get a bite to eat in Yokohama or Tokyo.

Pinch Pottery for the Succulents

On Saturday, I went to my first hand building pottery class. This went a lot better for me than my first wheel throwing class. I built some more pieces with the kiddoroosters. Super easy, super fun and super practical (pots this size that are not the standard terracotta are expensive - I've seen them in one store for $11 to $20). To keep this blog focused on playing in and around the water, I'll be starting another blog soon on pottery, succulents and succulents in pottery. For now, here are our latest creations - BEHOLD!!!

Posting Late - July 4th Weekend Pictures - Friday First

Boy that weekend went by fast... We did a bunch of stuff, but mostly on the land side of amphibious. I did go fly fishing on Friday - in fact it was with the Trout Unlimited group out here in Hawaii and we had a bunch of military guys in some form of rehab program (not Wounded Warriors or Project Healing Waters), but I didn't take any pictures. I did catch another small kaku that was hanging out in the super shallows (and lost a second), and I saw several lone oio. I took shots at the oio, but I didn't have a crabby fly on (I was fishing for kaku remember?). And I decided to try my hand at smoking some salmon. I followed a rub recipe from the "Let's Go Fishing Hawaii" cookbook and the fish came out great!!! I think we just finished off the last of this batch. YUMMY!!!