Monday, December 5, 2016

Marine Ecology Studies

La has been homeschooling our kiddoroosters for quite some time now, but I like to swoop in out of left field on occasion and augment her efforts. As of late I have been contributing through PE (surfing, flying kites and snorkeling), ceramics and other art (gyotaku making, dioramas and others), and science (when asked by La) - but every now and then I just bust out the sledge hammer. I've been bringing the kids out to the beach and helping them create an environment to study the littorals. Our latest finds include crabs, blennies and mantis shrimp. After a week or so, we'll send these guys back out to the ocean. Their observations will involve keeping a log and noting daily changes and behavior. I'll post more as this develops. We've seen several species worthy of studying over the past year - for starters check out this tiny crab. We're excited to be able to sit down and finally do it!

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