Tuesday, January 3, 2017

First Day of Fishing in 2017

I took Marlon and Noe to the flats to get some fishing in. Noe hung out at the water line and read some books, while Marlon and I went to the edge of the shelf. I brought the TFO Mangrove out with the Shimano Stradic FK 4000. While setting up the rods in the backyard, I gave the TFO and the Fenwick Steelhead a comparison - the TFO is just slightly softer throughout - just the action I prefer in a saltwater inshore rod! My first fish of the year was this bluefin trevally - nice fight on the TFO Mangrove!!! I caught and released this guy so I will have better luck throughout the year - but if it wasn't for it's first fish status, this guy would have been sashimi ;) Marlon's first fish was a hinalea - he's getting good at rooting these fish out. And he got a second with this hawkfish. At first he thought it was a snag - but after trying to free the hook, the fish came loose. Awesome day of fishing!!!!

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