Sunday, January 1, 2017

Rod Repair

I haven't had to replace an eye on a spinning rod (or any rod for that matter), but the wrapping I've done over the past few years made for a relatively easy repair. I recently rotated this TFO Mangrove spinning rod (yes this is based on the fly fishing rods that Flip Pallot helped design - the guys at Black Fly Outfitters just get them set up with spinning rod eyes and reel mounts), but noticed the second eye up from the reel had a crack in the ring holder. I tried using some epoxy to lock the ring in place, but that didn't work. Time to break out the tools - sharp razor blade, empty cardboard box, and the wrapping stuff. All pau!!! The hardest part was cutting off the old epoxy - you don't want to dig into the blank, but you do want to trim off all the old stuff. I may put one last layer of UV inhibitor, but I think I'll take this one fishing again first. The action on this one is so nice - a lot like the fly rod action on fiberglass. Definitely not for everyone, but if its for you it'll be awesome!!!

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