Sunday, April 30, 2017

Pulled Pork Fumble Converted into a Lumpia Touchdown

I recently replaced the gasket on the Big Green Egg and realigned the lid. I had barbecued some chicken and fish and all was well. But my normal vent settings were not producing the same temperatures for a low and slow smoke. I know this because I set up a pork butt smoke for an overnight cook and two things happened - the temperature was hovering around 300 F when I went to sleep and I actually lost the fire sometime during the night. I woke up early to this fiasco, regrouped and the pork butt was done at 7:30 am. Unfortunately it's excursion above 300 F turned it into a roast instead of the usual sumptuous, "fall apart in your hands" pulled pork goodness. What to do with over 5 pounds of roast pork (when your wife - and sometimes your kids - doesn't like roast pork)... I immediately cubed the meat in preparation for making the next batch of lumpia. I got around to making the lumpia this morning - great save!!! I can say this because La was eating the lumpia up!!! I love this Southern twist on a Filipino favorite! Or it is just Hawaiian? ;)

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