Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Last Day - Ahi Poke and Sashimi for Brunch

Our duplex cabin neighbor gave us some ahi straps - time to make poke and sashimi. But we had to make a grocery run first because we didn't have sesame seed oil, good soy sauce, wasabi and a few other things (like a good knife). Ishihara's in Waimea had the sesame seed oil - and a really popular poke counter -


While La and I were out, we had a date chai (they call them "Dirty Chai's" - first time(s) I heard them called that).


 More chickens -


Back at the cabin - I had to use a 'serrated knife' to clean and prepare the ahi - OH THE HUMANITY!!!!


 I made the most of it (but for sure I'm bringing my own filet knife next time), and everyone made quick work of my work!!! Yummy!!!

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TT 334671 said...

Our mom would love those roosters!!! Cool