Saturday, June 30, 2018

Broke the Surfing Dry Spell

Marlon and I did a dawn patrol - that ended the three week dry spell we had.  Fun sized waves and warm water - can't ask for much more than that!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Fishing with Bong Again

My friend Bong is leaving the island so I offered to take him fishing again.  We hit Kaimalino, but the wind and waves were up a little more than I had thought they would be.



We packed up and went to the pier at the Marine Base.

Until we fish again Bong!!!

Cool Stuff at the Local Pet Shop

With a conure and a chameleon at the house now, we find ourselves visiting our local pet shop more frequently.  They have been bringing in some really cool stuff lately.  These clownfish were almost pure black!

I have pictures of Marlon doing this when he was much younger

I'm trying to cycle a container to house some of these shrimp.  Watching lawn mowers is pretty relaxing

I guess I'd bite too if I lived in a cage full time, but then if I didn't maybe I wouldn't bite, but then if I just bite for the heck of it....

Kinda looks like the new rebooted Godzilla -

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day Surfing Dawn Patrol

One last post this Sunday -

Marlon and I did a dawn patrol.  There was energy in the ocean - some head high sets were had.  Seems like it was a closer source as the waves were crowded.  I had some sweet takeoffs and long rides.

Great fun regardless - as evidenced by Marlon

Fishing - Sunday June 17th 2018

I was able to go fishing with Bong Dela Cruz!!!  This guy helped me find some cool fishing spots on DG - I was finally able to return the favor out here!

He outfished Marlon and I by using artificials (2" grubs) - I'm going to have to rethink my fishing tactics... he caught and released 4 papio and 1 lai (queenfish).

Marlon hooked up to a barracuda and two po'opa'a

I ended up with two papio - can't complain!!!  Awesome fishing day!!!

HYSA 4 Sailing

And here's the regatta the kids were sailing at - if you look closely just to the right of middle, all those sails are the kids racing.

A new class of boats are making their way on to the scene - BICs are awesome!

Kau kau time!!!  Ehhh - who made that kalua pork - dem grindz broke da mouth!!!!  Chee hooo!!!