Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bottoms Spackled

I got the bottom decks of both blanks spackled yesterday afternoon.  Here's the "before" picture:

Those voids are EPS beads that got pulled out during the shaping process (the small block plane I have isn't narrow enough to trim down the stringer without causing this type of collateral damage).  The spackle helps fill the voids back in and also helps close up the smaller voids along the rest of the deck.  This process helps keep the epoxy from being sucked out of the fiberglass during lamination resulting in a lighter board with the epoxy out in the outer layers where it works best.  For future reference (to myself), 2.80 ounces total - 2.15 ounces of spackle and 0.65 ounces of water was enough for both bottom decks.

I'll try and get the top decks spackled today after work.  That leaves printing out labels, sanding the blanks again with a fine screen, building the brackets and PVC racks for glassing, and then psyching myself up for glassing (my least favorite part of making boards - darn air bubbles...).  I also have to set in the mast track boxes in the d-cell reinforcement blocks with epoxy and microballoons, then open up the boards where the blocks will go in, install the blocks, place a cap sheet, install a leash plug and vent, then clean up the installs, fill coat the whole board and do a final sanding to fair everything in.  Yup - the easy part is done...

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