Tuesday, November 13, 2018

5'6" Setup for First Bottom Laminate and the Reinforcement Blocks

I got the first board setup for glassing.  Block gets set in first, immediately followed by the first bottom deck layer of glass (4oz).  I'm not doing the epoxy tonight - ran out of daylight.

This part is oddly satisfying and extremely frustrating at the same time - it is awesome when the glass lies flat.  It will drive you crazy if the glass lifts for absolutely no reason...

I trimmed up the labels also.  These are going to be fun on the board - hopefully keeping them under just the outer layer of glass will keep the clarity of the print.

Next steps after this is glassed, is to rout out the box slots, set those in place, slap on the labels and get a top layer of glass on (6oz).  Then flip and get a double layer of glass on.  Even after all that, there is still drilling a hole for the leash plug and a vent.  Did I mention I hate glassing...

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