Sunday, November 25, 2018

Other Things

Today is Sunday - and I didn't touch the boards.  Instead I did a bunch of other things - put the new Starboard Hypernut together, stripped off the old grips on two of my SUP paddles and replaced them with a modern version, setup a new windsurfing boom, made two foam protectors for the windsurfing masts, and cleaned up a lot of the storage boxes in the garage (getting rid of old stuff primarily). 

I also swapped out the center fin on the TJ Everyday, charged up the Scrambler battery, fixed my pirate "welcome" sign, packed up a hydrofoil kit for Charlie Bisgard, and even went surfing (next post) - all to avoid more glassing.  Despite my aversion, I really do like glassing with the rollers - more on that later.

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