Friday, December 21, 2018

Break the Fast

It has been quite some time since Marlon and I have been surfing - perhaps 3 weeks...  Well - we went this afternoon and were greeted by tiny surf.

As a distraction, Marlon was checking out the peacock hanging out on the roof of one of the cabanas

We actually debated the merits of going out on a small day - but ultimately we were already there so we paddled out.  I caught three using the 5'6" I recently finished and the M200.  I caught three and stood up on each - but got thrown pretty quick - way too much lift.

The board paddles well.  I just need to add more of the deck grip as the balance point is further back than I thought it would be - 

Nice to get back in the water!!!  I think I'll bring this board and the foil I made tomorrow.

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