Monday, January 21, 2019

Mast Strike Ding Repair

I figured it was time to patch up the mast strike ding.  After two and a half weeks of drying out, the board felt as light as the day I got it.  I ended up putting a 4oz patch on the nose followed by 4 3.7oz carbon fiber patches, and then two larger sheets of 4oz cloth to cover the whole nose area.  I ended up using 4.2oz of epoxy (figuring some of it ends up on the roller so I'm probably closer to 2.5oz on the board) and another 1.4oz of epoxy mixed with some cabosil to fill in the lap gaps.

This repair should make the nose a lot stronger than the original setup.

Tomorrow I'll sand the transitions down and prep the repair for a coat of paint.  This being Monday, the epoxy should be fully cured and ready to go by the weekend.

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