Saturday, March 2, 2019

Getting Back on the Horse

It has been a while since I have gone windsurf foiling - since before my trip to Virginia Beach/San Diego back in January.  The wind forecast called for marginal conditions so I packed up the Hypernut, some sails and the Maliko 200 in case I had some time after running a bunch of errands.  After running said errands (mostly getting more materials to build a deck in our backyard), I did get a chance to checkout the sailing spot.

Really glassy and really flat.  Nice for paddling and flyfishing - but the opposite for windsurf foiling and surfing.  Tomorrow is supposed to be better (more wind) so I'll try again.  Since I was over there with a bunch of equipment, I figured I'd at least rig up the sails, take some measurements and record the optimal outhaul and downhaul lengths.

I need to get wet...

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