Saturday, March 30, 2019

Pictures from the Beach

La and Noe came with Marlon and me to the beach!  And La brought her DLSR so I got a shot of me up on the foil in the surf.

She also got plenty of shots of me eating it - for some reason I was off... I'd either not get up on foil, or I would get up and breach (truth be told, I am in the process of breaching in this picture).  There is a fine line between not foiling (because of too much weight up front) and breaching (not enough weight up front).  I'm beginning to wonder if it is time for me to rig up the shorter board (5'2").

La also took a bunch of pictures of Marlon surfing - but that is the next post (and I'm going to make him post from his computer).

Mahalo La for being the photog!!!!

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