Thursday, April 18, 2019

Thursday Foiling - April 18

I went out again this afternoon since La and the kids were at sailing.  I was actually going to go windsurf foiling, but I forgot my tool bag and I didn't have the correct allen key to set the foil in place - I left work and headed home to swap out the gear.  I'm glad I did - the wind seemed to die back a little (the weather forecasts out here just plain suck).

The foil placement was a definite positive - I got up and was balanced without really having to try.  I did get a few waves (even smaller the yesterday if you can believe that) and botched getting my feet planted properly - that is muscle memory carried over from longboard surfing, where walking all over the board was a must.  I still did relatively well in my opinion - just wish the waves were longer.  High tide again and as shown above, miniscule surf again.

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