Sunday, May 26, 2019

Saturday Evening Session - May 25

I brought the same setup from Thursday back out - Go Foil Iwa on the 29.5" (+3" Plate Adaptor) and the 5'2" Foilboard.

I dropped the foil backward in the boxes by a bunch (relatively speaking) - but the setup was actually harder to ride - or at least it seemed that way.

Thursday foil positioning - I recall thinking this was way too much lift.

Saturday - this didn't feel much lighter on the lift.  Either I had better foot placement on Thursday, or I am regressing???  When I head out again I'll jam it all the way back.

The swell forecasted to arrive did not seem to have materialized.  But because of the moon phase I had to ride the outside section (so as to not run aground).  I got a few rides in between the brutal flingings (I went down face first on one and definitely saw stars).

Marlon was practicing his helicopter takeoffs on the Wavestorm.  Fun session!

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