Monday, May 27, 2019

Third Swell of the Summer - Memorial Day Weekend

Another large-ish swell moved in this weekend.  Marlon and I went out on Sunday evening and again on Monday morning.  Lots of people in the water trying to get some of this swell.  I brought out the Greedy Beaver both days - and Marlon used the Wavestorm.

For me the swell and the tide weren't in synch -  and there ended up being a fairly large flat spot where no one was catching any waves.  Seems like you either had to be way out, or way inside.  Yesterday the board was a little more squirrely under my feet - I had a few great drops and decent rides - but also got worked on a few.  Today felt better on the waves I was able to catch - Marlon pointed it out that the wind was down from Sunday evening - cleaner equals easier takeoffs.

Today I also finished repairing the delamination on La's board (which Marlon has been historically riding).  Here it is all waxed up and ready to ride!  Another project checked off the list.

I'll move on to shaping Marlon's knee-paddling, nose riding, helicopter takeoff longboard next (tall order, but I'll give it a swing).

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