Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Catch Up Post - 12 to 14 July

I've been slacking again on maintaining this blog.  I'll try and catch up this evening.  First off I went foiling with an old friend who was in town visiting (and eloping).  Jason and I go back to 1997.  We met up at White Plains and spent the afternoon surfing (I was on the Slingshot Infinity 76 and I brought out the Starboard Element for Jason to use).  It was a bit choppy as the trades were starting to fill back in and a new swell was starting to show.  I got up a few times but it was actually a little tough to get the balance point just right.  I had the foil set where I placed the mark - but lifting still felt like work and not natural.  Jason set up a SoloShot 3 and I wore the transponder.  Its a cool device and it tracks pretty solid.  I'll set it up and use it again another day - but I didn't take any pictures on Friday.  I ended up talking to Gary (big green board and Cloud IX foil) and also James (ex-UCT and EOD tech).  We finished the day by heading back to my house for slow smoked pulled pork sliders (SOOOO GOOOD) and beer.

Next day was Saturday and Marlon had a presentation in the morning to finish off his summer internship.  We celebrated by eating plate lunches from Liz's BBQ and napping.  Since this is summer, post nap we still had plenty of light and went out for a surf session.  I had the foil out again (this time bringing it forward a little) and Marlon brought his longboard out.  The foil flew a little easier, but still not effort less.  The swell was picking up for sure.

On Sunday we picked La and Noe up at the airport (Noe participated in a Laser regatta in the San Francisco area).  Evening came around and the swell was hitting full on.  I brought out the Greedy Beaver and Marlon brought his shorter board (the Squirrel).  The swell was well overhead and the drops were epic!  I only got a few waves that stayed open, but all the rides were awesome.

I actually had a loose fin (starboard).  On my first wave I felt some chatter, but for the rest of the session it was stable.  What an awesome surfing weekend!!!

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