Saturday, July 6, 2019

Getting Better

Marlon and I hit the surf yesterday afternoon.  The swell was good sized on the outside and Marlon got some good rides.

I brought the foil without changing anything on the setup.  I had probably the best day so far out on the foil.  I was able to consistently get long rides, pump through the flats and catch the reform on the inside.  On a few I even was riding the standup section on the inside.  I was able to drop off the back of two waves - the start of pumping back out.  And on my last wave I was able to crank a hard 180 turn.

I've marked this position on the board so I can set the foil back here.  This is the point where I can balance easily between the front and back foot - this makes popping up the foil and dropping the nose before breeching easier.

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