Saturday, December 21, 2019

Laminated the 4'6"

Got both the top and bottom done today.  Marlon as usual was a great help keeping the epoxy resin flowing.  Getting a nice lamination is all in the preparation.

And for some reason, I do a lot better using rollers.  I've nearly eliminated drips on to the floor and minimized waste (since we mix the epoxy in small batches as needed).

Bottom laminated on first.  4.7oz carbon underneath 6.0oz fiberglass (E).  Bottom lam also takes longer because of the fin boxes.  Ran some errands and went to work for a bit - and came home to the bottom lam all set up.  You can afford to be a little sloppy with the bottom lam since you can cover it with the top lam.  I went ahead and grinded down the laps, and got the top lamination ready to go.

And here is the top lam almost all wetted out and in place.  DAMN THIS LOOKS NICE!!!

It doesn't hurt that this board is super short also.  I'll grind down the laps tomorrow and get the fill coat on.  At this rate, I might be able to get the board wet by Christmas Day.

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