Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Evening Session - 1/28/2020

Marlon and I hit the beach yesterday afternoon.  Almost the same conditions are previous afternoon sessions - upcoming high (the smaller of the daily high tides) at 0.9', some wind from the S, a waist high swell and a mellow crowd.  Marlon bumped into a friend so he was mainly on the inside, but I kept getting drawn outside to stay away from the shallow takeoffs inside, and to try and get more practice taking off at the peak.

I botched a few takeoffs, but I'm sure they were spectacular to watch...  I did get a bunch of long rides also - standup walls where I could glide along until a section peeked - then lean into a cutback to keep running with the wave - couldn't do this on my longboard.  But I also don't have to worry about running aground on my longboard either.

Another great wave riding session!

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