Saturday, January 25, 2020

Late Afternoon Session - 1/25/2020

There is still ridable surf on the south shore - the swell was just a hair bigger than yesterday and that helped spread the crowd out.  There was a hint of wind on the water so there was a texture to the waves, but I'm not complaining.

I brought out the 5'2" and the Iwa again - the Go Foil wings are way easier to fix after bottom hits - and the lower tides in the afternoons make hit somewhat inevitable (but not today).

I got several fun rides, but could have had more if there weren't so many people blocking the takeoff zone.  I did get one straight off the peak (waist high albeit) - felt real good flowing down the face and sticking to the pocket.  I had a few more where I had to maneuver around people on the inside and I would outrun the wave - I'd pump a bit and pick up the wave again, but kick out before it got too shallow.

Marlon got a few good ones also.

No green flash tonight - too many clouds to get a clear view of the setting sun.  Another super fun evening in the surf!

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