Monday, February 17, 2020

Dawn Patrol - 2/16/2020

This early season south swell was supposed to be getting bigger in incremental stages.  And to beat the weekend crowd (and also because we had evening obligations), Marlon and I hit it on an early dawn patrol.  The swell was a hair bigger if not the same as Saturday.  The tide was low-ish around 0.5' - but the main difference was the wind.  It was breezy and there was texture and chop for sure.

At the last minute, I changed out the Greedy Beaver for the TJ Everyday - figured I can't lose with the longboard.  I was glad I made the change as the swell was not Chest to Overhead (which is what I like on the shorter board), but more like waist to chest.  I waited for the bombers and I got some fun ones!  

With the wind, Marlon got cold pretty quick (he doesn't have all the "insulation" that I have), so we called it before the crowd got too crazy.  Great session!

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