Monday, February 17, 2020

Dawn Patrol - 2/17/2020

I had to drop Marlon off at the airport this morning - he'll be on Kauai for a day and a half.  Since I was already up, I did a few errands and then hit the beach on a dawn patrol.  It was windy.  Pretty windy.  And the waves were piling up (too close together) - but they were waist to chest high ;)  And the tide was rising to an all time high of 0.6' (yes, that is low).

I brought out the 4'10" with the Iwa.  I caught several - and most were really long.  I hit bottom a couple of times (damn low tide and foiling...) - just paddling out.  I'm going to have to do some repairs soon (because I'm anal like that).

Another fun session!  Oh - and I got home before La woke up (it's our 19th Anniversary)!

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